Espili Global Trading & Services

Global Trading & Services

Espili GTS’s expertise is in sourcing, procurement, trading, logistics, supply & service.  We connect producers and users of a wide variety of goods and services, commodities, health and wellness products, raw materials and equipment through our origination, marketing and distribution capabilities and services.  We operate on an integrated global basis to source, transport and distribute around the world.  Espili GTS offers global strategic sourcing designed to make it easier for endusers to more efficiently and economically transport products worldwide through one central point of contact. Across land, sea or air, Espili GTS offers comprehensive and innovative global solutions to reduce overall costs and increase profit potential.  We have competitive advantages through our sophisticated trading, innovative solutions, global alliances and specialized logistics worldwide. Our company’s goal is to provide a diverse range of high quality supplies, equipment and services in a prompt manner that exceeds expectations.

Making Partners Globally

Supplying Success Worldwide

Opportunity Industries

Agriculture & Foodstuff

The agricultural industry is crucial for all basic human needs worldwide. Our goal is to fulfill our clients needs whether supplying the commodities from the suppliers to the endusers or the equipment to harvest the commodities.


Technology is always changing. We vigorously work to build new partnerships with a list of leading manufacturers & distributors that grow every day. We continuously search for new technology equipment and product lines to fill our clients needs.


With a vast range of requirements, we work with a diverse group of manufacturers and distributors to supply our client’s industrial needs. We act as the conduit between supplier and enduser fulfilling the needs of our clients effectively and efficiently.


The construction industry is constantly evolving. New and innovative trends appear within the industry, from technological advancements to a greater focus on sustainability. We are committed to supply the construction equipment, raw materials and service needs of our clients.


The automotive automobile, aviation & marine industries are a crucial part of the global economy. Understanding the importance of global logistics, we work with manufacturers and distributors to supply the transportation vehicles and spare parts our clients need.


Logistics is an integral part of supplying the goods and services which the global economies depend on. With our global network, we offer a complete land, air and ocean freight forwarding service tailored to fulfill our clients logistic needs worldwide.

Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness industry consists of a broad category of products and services such as vitamins, supplements, fitness, meditation and more that are aimed at increasing quality or state of being healthy in the mind and body.

Luxury Goods & Accessories

We focus on supplying our clients with high end luxury goods such as haute couture clothing, luggage, watches, jewelry and other exclusive high end products & accessories.


Much like the tech world, the medical industry is ever changing and growing. We continuously source new products and establish strategic partnerships with manufacturers and distributors to achieve our client’s needs.